noun: collation; plural noun: collations

1. the act of assembling people or elements into an order for a specific purpose.
"A collection, a gathering, a collation"

a light informal meal.
"lunch was a collation of salami, olives, and rye bread"

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Collective Description

A bit about the graduating class of 2022

As designers, we're always striving for excellence in our work. We do this by learning, growing and adapting to change, even during the challenging times. During our first year, our time on campus was cut short and we had to adapt.

This curveball meant transitioning our in-person learning to virtual learning. However, from this challenge came a great reward. We made it through to where we are today because we persevered — together. The stress and anxiety brought on by procrastinating the mountain of projects we needed to complete may be the cause of a few grey hairs, but we proved our work ethic and our ability to grow together shaped us into the designers we are today.

As the term Collation suggests, we each bring something different and unique to the table to serve a bigger purpose. We may all be different, but we all struggled together, worked hard together and succeeded together.

Be proud of what was accomplished, and look forward to what's next. Our hard work has paid off.

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